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Effective Home Remedies For Bad Breath

Some people feel that they have issues with breathing even when they are completely normal. Others get terrible breathing issues and they may not know about their condition. You cannot smell your breath and judge it alone so ask someone trustable to do it.

Another person can give you the true opinion. If you get a smell in your breath, it is problematic. Commonly, bad breath starts in your mouth where certain bacterias are present. Bit’s of food remain in your mouth and teeth after eating.

Bacteria start growing on these bits of food. They release sulphur compounds that give a foul smell. Pour dental hygiene is a common problem that leads to bad breath.

We have mentioned some effective home remedies here that will help you to get rid of the issue of bad breath. Use these remedies carefully and according to the way mentioned below in order to get better results.


It is a famous folk remedy to cope with the issue of bad breath. Its scent is fresh and contains high chlorophyll content and they both provide you a deodorising effect. Studies reported that parsley helps to deal with the foul sulfur compounds.

You have to take fresh leaves for chewing if you want to use parsley to deal with the bad breath. Do it after having each meal. There is an option to purchase a parsley dietary supplement too.

Pineapple Juice

The most effective way to deal with bad breath is the juice of pineapple. If you want a quick solution for bad breath, drink the juice of pineapple. Some studies reported that it works while there is no clear evidence for this remedy. After every meal, try to drink one glass of organic pineapple.

You can also chew a slice of pineapple for two to three minutes. It will work to reduce the bad breath issue.


Research reported that often dryness in your mouth causes bad breath. The role of saliva is very important in keeping the mouth of an individual clean. Bacteria can thrive without saliva. When you sleep, your mouth can dry out naturally. This is usually the reason for bad breath.

Typically, bad breath becomes worse in the morning due to this reason. Try to keep your body hydrated if you want to prevent bad breath. It is important to drink water daily throughout the day to enhance the production of saliva.

Try to drink at least seven to eight glasses of water daily. It also makes your skin glow and protects you from several other medical conditions like kidney diseases and dehydration.


It contains healthy bacteria known as lactobacillus. These bacteria help to deal with bad bacteria in different parts of your body like in the area of your gut. Research suggested that yoghourt may prove helpful to decrease the bad breath problem.


A well-known cure for bad breath is the use of milk. Drinking milk helps to reduce the garlicky breath when you drink it each time you eat garlic. Try to drink milk after eating garlic. You can drink one glass of full or low-fat milk to avoid bad breath.


Flossing and brushing are important for your oral care. Food particles can remain in the area of your mouth when you do not care for flossing and brushing. Moreover, it can cause the issue of bad breath. Try to brush your teeth two times daily.

It helps you to decrease the bacteria, food particles that are odour-causing, and plaques. Flossing is good to inhibit periodontal disease that is another cause of bad breath.

Clean The Tongue

Try to pay proper attention to your tongue while you brush your teeth. It helps you to reduce the problem of bad breath. The formation of Halitosis causing compounds can occur on your tongue and in the area of your mouth.

It happens when amino acids and certain bacteria present in your mouth combine. They cause a sulfur-like smell that is unpleasant. Clean your tongue effectively. It helps you to have a fresh breath.

There may be some other causes for bad breath associated with certain medical conditions. You can book an appointment with your doctor if home remedies are not working for you. He will diagnose the issue and plan a good treatment for you.

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