Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Few Best Practices To Follow While Watering Your Plants In Your Raised Garden Bed

Do you own a raised garden bed of your own? Not exactly sure how you are going to water your plants without causing any damage to them? Well, you need not worry as we are here to help you out. We have come up with a few ways by which you can water your plants in the best possible way.

Observe your plants closely: There are a lot of plants that are completely adaptive to nature. On hot summer days, they will look like they are dead, but as the day comes to an end, these plants come back to life. They have learned to adapt themselves on harsh days. So, do not let these plants fool you. Observe them. This will provide you with the proper understanding of your plants, and you will also know what the best way to water them is. You can also try building raised garden beds in planter boxes.

Deep watering: Deep watering is good for the plants present in your raised garden bed. Shallow watering your plants regularly is not as effective as deep watering three to four times a week. Deep watering can make the soil soft. This allows the roots of plants to reach deeper into the soil, thereby providing better nutrients to the plants.

Soil protection: On really hot summer days, you should make it a point to cover the exposed surface of your raised garden bed with mulch. You can also add some straws and dead leaves to the surface. This will reduce water evaporation. The mulch can also break down to provide sufficient nutrients to the soil. You can also add a mixture of mulch and compost to your soil to replenish the nutrients.

Know the soil type: The kind of soil you have in your raised garden bed has got a very big role to play in deciding your watering schedule. A mixture of sandy soil requires more water than clayey soil. Also, mulch and compost have different water requirements as compared to sandy and clayey soil. The best kind of soil used for growing your plant is loamy soil. It is rich in nutrients and has very low water requirements as well.

Watering the plants early: You should always try to water your plants early in the morning. This is going to make it easier for your plants to grow. Watering has a lot of other benefits for your plants. This will make sure that your plans start the day with sufficient quantities of water. Also, there is less evaporation during the day, and your plants will also get the required amount of nutrients from the soil.

And these are some of the best practices to follow while growing your raised garden beds. You can also get elevated raised garden bed kits for yourself from our online store and start with your gardening process.

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