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How are Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads Different from Shared Leads?

Generating leads is one of the most difficult aspects of becoming an insurance agent. You may face additional hurdles even if potential clients are actively looking for insurance. You may, of course, optimize your agency’s website and have a strong social media presence. These and comparable strategies can assist you in generating a few extra leads. They may not, however, offer you the exact volume you desire or require.

Buying insurance leads is a great strategy to generate additional leads immediately. However, you may rapidly get overwhelmed once you begin to investigate your possibilities.

Should you purchase exclusive or shared leads? Keep reading to learn more about your lead-purchasing alternatives and choose which one is best for you.

Exclusive and shared auto insurance leads.

Insurance agents can obtain two kinds of leads to find potential clients: exclusive and shared auto insurance leads.

Exclusive auto insurance leads are sold to a single agent or firm. Typically, these leads are obtained through various marketing initiatives such as online forms, quote inquiries, or recommendations. The benefit of exclusive leads is that the agent is the lone recipient, which increases the likelihood of converting these leads into clients. Exclusive auto leads are typically seen to be of higher quality because they are not shared with other agents, which reduces competition and increases the possibility of a deal closing. Due to their exclusivity, exclusive leads might be more expensive than shared leads. Exclusive leads also include home insurance leads and life insurance leads.

On the other hand, shared auto insurance leads are sold to numerous agents or agencies. Lead generating firms or online marketplaces typically generate these leads. Insurance agents can split the cost of the lead with other agents, making shared leads a more cost-effective option. However, there is increasing competition among agents attempting to convert the same lead into a customer. This competition can make it more difficult to finalize a deal, but it also allows brokers to differentiate themselves and demonstrate their expertise.

Exclusive car insurance leads provide agents with exclusivity and higher conversion rates, but are more expensive. Shared auto insurance leads are less expensive, but agents must compete to convert the lead into customers. An agent’s budget, capacity, and competitiveness ultimately determine the decision between exclusive and shared leads.


As an insurance agent, you already know how crucial it is to move quickly and never sound rushed, so regardless of the type of lead you purchase, be sure to get on the phone as soon as the lead arrives and follow up until you make the sale. Purchase both leads and compare your results to find which has a better Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

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