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7 Common Misconceptions of Quartz and Granite Countertops

It is time to select the surface for your new Morehead City kitchen. You can picture what your new countertops will look like, but you are hesitant to make a choice because you have heard some bad things about both quartz and granite–which remain the most popular options for North Carolina homes. The good news is that most of those myths are false, and you can use the stone that captures your interest with confidence. Let’s bust a few misconceptions.

Granite Will Stain and Quartz Will Not

A good seal prevents stains for both types of stone. When you maintain the sealant on your quartz or granite countertops, most spills will wipe right up. Applying the seal takes just an hour once a year, followed by letting it cure overnight. Both counters offer easy care.

Granite Countertops are Easily Scratched

Granite is a rock. Think how hard it is to chisel a name into a stone. Daily use of your granite counters will leave no scratches on its durable surface. But like any polished surface, using a cutting board just like you always have will protect that shine from damaging accidents.

Quartz is Less Expensive Because It is Manufactured

Quartz counters are just as hard, scratch, and stain-resistant as granite counters, and they are comparable in cost to their natural stone cousins. You get similar durability and performance in a product that can look exactly like you imagine in your custom kitchen.

It Is Impossible to Repair a Stone Countertop

Most minor chips and scratches in granite or quartz can be fixed using colored epoxy, stone dust, colored resin, and some elbow grease. An experienced stone technician can make the repair almost invisible. Even a clean crack can often be repaired. A quality granite or quartz kitchen countertop can be expected to last 15 to 20 years at a minimum.

Custom Countertops are Difficult and Time-Consuming

Since stone counters are always custom items, you might think that they will add weeks or months to your renovation. Wrong! Your professional countertop fabricator will coordinate with your other contractors so that the measurement, cutting, and installation of your counters ensure that the entire job will stay on schedule. You only need to select the slab or sample and your granite gurus will do the rest.

Granite Can Be Harmful to Your Health

This is a misleading myth. Since granite counters are sealed, their surface is non-porous and easily sanitized between meals using standard cleaning practices. They are just as safe for your family as any other available countertop surface.

All Quartz Looks Exactly Alike

Did you know that there are hundreds of available quartz samples on display at your Morehead City Onslow Stoneworks showroom? The different manufacturers craft a variety of looks that can mimic the appearance of marble or granite or duplicate any color imaginable. Quartz offers the most variety and the chance to create the best countertops possible.

Find Your Dream Quartz or Granite Countertop at Onslow Stoneworks

Now that you know that both types of counters are beautiful, durable, and easily maintained, it is time to find that perfect piece of stone for your Morehead City home. Visit Onslow Stoneworks at our showroom in town to kickstart your custom countertop design today.

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