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A Comprehensive Ranking of Heroes in Crusaders Quest – A Guide

NHN Entertainment’s Crusaders Quest, a mobile RPG, has been a popular game for a while now and its fans are dedicated. Its gameplay involves both real-time action and turn-based combat, setting it apart from other RPGs. This article will focus on the Crusaders Quest tier list and discuss the best heroes in the game.

Gaining Insight into the Tier List

A tier list is a way of ranking various elements. It indicates the relative importance or quality of different elements. Understanding the tier list can be beneficial in many different areas.

Prior to delving into the Crusaders Quest tier list, it is critical to comprehend what it comprises of and the way it functions. A tier list is a type of ranking system that orders characters or items from highest to lowest. In Crusaders Quest, the tier list is based on the strength, versatility, and usefulness of the heroes in different scenarios.

When it comes to tier rankings, a lot of elements go into consideration. This includes the hero’s powers, stats, rareness, and how they collaborate with other characters. Generally, S-tier is the highest and F-tier the most inferior. Still, it is noteworthy to recognize that the tier list is not unchangeable and can evolve as new heroes are added and existing ones receive updates.

Heroes of the Highest Tier

When it comes to the cream of the crop, the S-tier heroes are the ones to consider. They are the best heroes in Crusaders Quest and are essential for any team that is looking to compete. Here are a few of the top S-tier heroes that stand out:

Hanzo – This close-combat champion has the potential to deal out massive harm to enemies that are within range of him. His special move, Blade Fury, is a potent technique for inflicting damage over a large area.

Melissa – This ranged fighter is capable of dealing immense damage from a distance. Her special abilities empower her to hit numerous opponents simultaneously, making her a suitable pick for eliminating hordes of adversaries.

Himiko – This support character has the capability to both heal allies and increase their damage. Her special move, Divine Shield, gives teammates a barrier of protection that can be the difference between winning and losing.

Heroes of the Highest Tier

Heroes at the A-tier level are those whose abilities and powers are at the peak of their class. These characters are seen as the strongest and most powerful of their kind, and their talents are unmatched. Their strengths and capabilities are considered to be superior to all other heroes.

A-tier heroes are the next level of heroes, not as powerful as S-tier, yet still invaluable in battle. Some of the more renowned A-tier heroes include:

Leon – This hero has a great combination of offensive power and robustness. His abilities permit him to inflict harm while restoring his own health simultaneously.

Dorothy – This ranged hero can be relied on to cause considerable harm to opponents due to her potent spells. Her ultimate technique, Meteor, packs a massive punch and can deal damage to a great number of enemies in a considerable area.

Archon – A mage hero, Archon boasts an array of powerful spells that can inflict substantial destruction on adversaries. Her ultimate capacity, Mana Recycle, has the potential to rapidly restore her mana, providing her with the opportunity to launch a series of spells.

Heroes of the Second Tier

Coming after the higher-tier heroes, we have the B-tier heroes. Despite not being as powerful, these characters are still able to be of use in combat. A few of the top B-tier heroes include:

Mundeok – This melee fighter is capable of causing serious damage and stunning opponents. Additionally, he can use his abilities to guard his allies from danger.

No. 9 – A hero that relies on ranged attacks, No. 9 excels in dealing devastating damage to a single enemy. Her skills make her particularly effective against powerful adversaries.

May – This hero can take on a lot of punishment and shield her comrades. Her powers also give her the capability to disorient foes and break up their assaults.

Heroes of the C-Level

At the bottom of the hierarchy, we have the C-tier heroes. Although they are the weakest in Crusaders Quest, they can still be helpful in specific scenarios. A few of the top C-tier heroes include:

Sentinel – This melee hero is capable of dealing out moderate harm and stunning opponents. His special skills enable him to put up a defence, safeguarding his allies in the process.

R-0 is an attacker with a long reach, who is capable of dealing moderate harm to her foes. Her skills also include the capacity to daze them and reduce their accuracy.

Vincent – This mage hero has the capability of dealing a moderate amount of harm to adversaries. His powers also give him the capacity to mend allies and reduce the protection of the opposing side.

An image of a tier list for the game Crusaders Quest can be seen here . It provides an overview of which characters are best for different types of play.


In the previous text, we went over the hero types and their abilities to give you a fundamental understanding. Using the Redfinger Android emulator allows multiple Crusaders Quest accounts to be accessed at once, allowing users to test out different heroes in a short amount of time. However, mastering all of them is challenging. This article can help you choose the right hero and then put it into practice.

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