Tuesday, May 21, 2024

BBQs2U Offers Value for Money with the Masterbuilt Gravity 560 Series

There is yet again some exciting news for grill lovers as BBQs2U has launched fresh models of the Masterbuilt Gravity Series.

BBQs2U has been one of the leading independent UK retailers of Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt Gravity BBQs, Napoleon Barbecues, and Ooni Pizza Ovens while they also sell amazing barbecue accessories.

Since they sell only a few renowned barbecue brands, they assure to provide the best customer service and excellent after-sales support.

With the launch of exciting models of Masterbuilt BBQs, the brand has again made charcoal grilling much easier.

As one of the largest barbecue brands, Masterbuilt is popular for its versatile and innovative products that are available at competitive prices to make them affordable for every grill lover.

With the introduction of digitally controlled charcoal BBQ and smoker, Masterbuilt has made a great impact in the market.

Their Gravity Series models are not only innovative, but extremely versatile that seasoned grill masters would love to use and can also be used by first-time grill owners.

The Masterbuilt Gravity 560 Series is a game changer when it comes to charcoal grilling.

Masterbuilt successfully automated temperature management by utilising a digital system similar to those seen in pellet grills.

So, now it’s easy for anyone can grill and smoke with charcoal and get excellent cooking results.

Versatile smoker

The 560 model from Masterbuilt Gravity Series stands out from the competition due to its ease of use and the versatility of being able to sear as well as able to cook at low and slow smoke.

It is a perfect value for money when compared with other gas grills of the same size, especially when you take into account the versatility.

Food cooked over charcoal always tastes better, but the hassle of lighting, heating the grill, and cleaning up the ash can be a big turnoff.

Masterbuilt has been able to take care of everything. With the 560 Digital Charcoal Grill, you may increase your barbecue’s capabilities and menu regardless of your degree of experience.

Smart features

The gorgeous luxury design of the Masterbuilt Gravity 560 Series makes it stand out on your patio.

You cannot overlook the smart features of the grill.

  • The standout feature of the grill is the ability to control the BBQ temperature through a Digital Fan system found on the lower side.
  • Can generate temperatures between 110 and 370 degrees Celsius.
  • The grill can go from cold to a smoking temperature of 110 degrees Celsius in just 8 minutes.
  • Large cast-iron grates on a grilling rack that are reversible.
  • Easy refuelling due to gravity-fed hopper.
  • Compatibility with internal probes.
  • Digitally connected with Masterbuilt app.

Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 560 is a premium barbecue for the ultimate experience for outdoor cooking and is worth every penny spent.

Packs are available with BBQs2U like the Upgrade Pack, Rotisserie Pack, and the Starter Pack at discounted rates.

Each pack comes with the barbecue model, the grill’s cover, and 7.25kg of Masterbuilt lump charcoal.

Pick the model from BBQs2U at an affordable price and earn loyalty points that can be used to pay for your next purchase or converted into a voucher code.

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