Sunday, July 21, 2024

CWS Retained by CK Commercial for RF Shielding Film Installation Project

COLUMBIA, Md. — A Millersville, Md. construction company has hired Window Shield for a Radio Frequency [RF] Shielding film installation project for a high-security U.S. Department of Defense contractor.

For its client, CK Commercial is renovating one floor of a commercial building in Columbia and the specifications call for installation of 300 sq. ft. of RF Shielding film on the windows of a sensitive compartmented information facility [SCIF] within the leased space. The film provides a fool-proof method of preventing electronic eavesdropping and theft of secure and classified information from computers and cell phones through window glass.

Additionally, Commercial Window Shield will be installing a fancy decorative film on select office fronts, which will provide an attractive design and privacy element to the offices.

The construction part of the project has commenced. Working closely with CK Commercial project managers, Commercial Window Shield will begin its RF shielding and decorative film installation work in the fall.

In February, Commercial Window Shield completed a solar control window film installation project for CK commercial for another high-security client. Over the past decade the company has worked with some of the country’s top general contractors, including Harvey-Cleary, HITT, DAVIS, Gilbane Building Co., Rand Construction, D Watts Construction, DPR Construction and May Construction.

In addition to RF Shielding, privacy/decorative and solar control window films, Commercial Window Shield also is a leading installer of security, smart and bird safety films.

In the security window film installation arena, the company has protected windows at the U.S. Capitol, FBI headquarters, Pentagon, all House of Representative buildings, O’Hare International Airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the Willis Tower [former Sears Tower], Denver Mint, Grand Central Terminal and the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.

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