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Do You Know How Self-Build Cost Calculator Works for Timber House?

For individuals considering self-building a new timber frame house, understanding potential costs is crucial. By inputting the total square meterage of the proposed home, a cost calculator can estimate expenses for self-managing the build process.

To estimate the self build costs of a new timber frame home using a cost per square meter calculator, you will need to consider various factors such as:

  • Materials
  • Labour
  • Permits
  • Any other expenses.

Depending on your experience, skill set, and available time, you have several options available, including self-managing the entire project, hiring subcontractors for specific tasks, or working with a professional builder for guidance and support.

Understanding the basics

Before using a cost calculator, it is vital to understand the basics of timber frame self-builds. Timber frame construction offers benefits like energy efficiency, sustainability, and design flexibility.

However, costs vary depending on factors such as size, complexity, materials, location, labour, permits, and finishing options. Understanding the following few factors can help in accurate cost estimation.

1.    Design complexity

The complexity of your home design greatly influences costs. Unique architectural features, intricate floor plans, and special requests may necessitate extra labour and materials, leading to higher expenses.

2. Materials

In the realm of timber frame construction, there is a wide array of insulation materials available. Choosing a supplier’s standard insulation system can offer cost savings.

However, opting to enhance performance by adding insulation might incur higher initial costs but can result in long-term savings for your timber frame home.

2.    Size of your build

Typically, timber frame systems for new builds offer better value for money compared to single-story extensions with smaller floor areas. This is because timber frame construction involves similar off-site manufacturing, labour, and haulage costs as a new build.

4. Site access

Transporting timber frame prefabricated panels often involves haulage and potentially the use of lifting equipment. Projects with access restrictions demand meticulous planning with a team of experts possessing the necessary knowledge and experience to manage logistics effectively.

How can you use the cost calculator

Please provide the total floor area (including all storeys) of your intended build, and the cost calculator will estimate the total build cost for three main construction routes. This estimate includes finishing the home to the moving-in stage and excludes the cost of the land.

Additionally, you will receive a separate estimate for the cost of the timber frame and its erection. It is important to note that the timber frame kit estimates for the full specification, which excludes the cost of windows and doors.

The results from the cost calculator are indicative and do not consider variables such as geographic location, professional fees, or extensive landscaping. However, they provide an excellent starting point for estimating build costs.

If you are unsure about the floor area, you can explore designs from our gallery to gain a better understanding of the relationship between space and price.


Understanding the potential costs of self-building any timber frame homes is essential. Factors such as design complexity, materials, build size, and site access all impact expenses. The cost calculator offers estimates based on floor area, providing a starting point for budgeting, though additional variables should be considered for accurate planning.

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