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Lucas-Cide Thyme

Lucas-Cide Thyme disinfectant is one of the most effective and natural cleaning products for non-porous surfaces in salons and spas. It serves as an efficient solution to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in public places, making salons and business spaces hospital-grade clean. The product cleans fast and effectively and leaves a nice natural smell.

Instead of using harsh chemicals, try the power of a nature-based cleaning product, Lucas-Cide Thyme. One of the advantages of this disinfectant is its versatility because it can be used to disinfect Himalayan salt stones and for soaking implements while making them free from MRSE, MRSA, TB as well as Norovirus, which are dangerous microorganisms. In addition to this, it is also List N and List Q approved and delivers 60 second sanitization and 10 minute complete disinfection. No mixing is required – a single easy application will ensure that you have achieved effective cleaning and disinfection in one handy formula.

Lucas-Cide CA

Use Lucas-Cide CA salon disinfectant for a hygienic atmosphere. This product uses the natural strength of citrus to kill 99.9% of viruses, germs, and bacteria in salons, and is perfect for people who want to incorporate green cleaners into their cleaning routine. Its plant-based formula is pet friendly and is perfect for use in salon settings. Also, this disinfectant is ideal for spa robes, capes, aprons and any other porous materials, thus ensuring the safety of clients via non toxic cleaning products.

This cleaner disinfectant is also approved for List Q and List N and provides full disinfection within five minutes and sanitization in just one minute. This one-step solution is rinse free and capable of killing TB and other harmful microorganisms. Improve your cleaning process with this EPA Category IV verified solution that offers hospital-grade disinfection and a lovely fragrance. Ensure public spaces safety with this gentle yet strong all-in-one disinfectant.

Lucas-Cide Wipes

You don’t need to depend on chemical-based cleaning agents that are harsh when cleaning public areas. Choose a hospital-grade disinfectant formulated for salons and institutions that has a pleasant lemon fragrance. Lucas-cide wipes provide a multitasking all-in-one solution for cleaning and disinfection.

With just a wipe, this EPA List N-approved formula will kill 99.9% of the viruses and germs. The soft texture of the fabric takes care of surfaces, but the detergent is strong when it comes to tackling germs, dirt, etc. Don’t rinse—just wipe and leave the solution to achieve full disinfection within five minutes. Lucas-cide wipes make your salon fresh and clean easily.

Lucas-Cide TB

Supply your salon or business with powerful cleaning and protection using Lucas-Cide TB, a hospital grade disinfectant. Its concentrated formula effectively kills TB and other harmful microorganisms. Use it as a powerful hospital-grade disinfectant for mirrors, combs, brushes, shears, and other non-porous surfaces.

It’s cleaner, formulated to be non-corrosive to metal and won’t rust or cause surface damage. This product is germicidal, fungicidal, and virucidal. Lucas-Cide TB is EPA List Q and List N approved. In 60 seconds, it sanitizes, and gives complete disinfection in 10 minutes. Enjoy this one easy, concentrated hospital grade disinfectant cleaning system which is both effective and thorough.

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